Your session was extremely helpful in helping us think about our text in clear and succinct chunks, each of which tells part of a story. Your techniques for understanding how stories follow particular patterns and rhythms has also helped with planning out the text across a particular showcase (what we say where). Moreover the session gave us a chance to think about our content differently and limbered us up for a more narrative approach.
Jessica Bradford, Content Manager – Information Age, The Science Museum
Thank you very much for the session – we really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the voice coaching part ... very refreshing!
Helen Summers Brown, Global Segment Lead, Vodafone
It was absolutely wonderful to witness the session with you yesterday. The benefits of the offering are unquestionable.
Akshay Joshi, Ebay
Following training, I am thinking more broadly about how I come across and about creating a relationship with the audience.
Daphne Tonna-Barthet, Marketing Communications, Air Products Ltd
The course helped me to speak with more confidence and get my points across more effectively. It was also good fun. Thanks.
Chris Bemrose, Management Consultant
The course was excellent. You learn not only about your voice, but your self. It made me aware of the misuse of my voice. It has made me completely rethink my vocal abilities.
Stephen Kirwin, Consulting Engineer, Expert Witness
The voice work was transformational for me... I found the voice coaches most useful... Use of breath/breathing and structure of presentations were helpful ... The vocal training was valuable
Feedback from participants in a Find your Leadership Voice session,
run as a module for an Aspiring Principals and Senior Leaders programme run by LSIS

I found the course enjoyable, entertaining and intriguing. To understand how voice production is achieved opens another interesting facet to life. It certainly give's one's confidence an extra edge.

Robin Lawrence, Company Director
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Leon Conrad + 44 (0)7942 702010
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